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Hooman Tavakoli Ghinani, M.Sc.


Sungho Suh; Vitor Fortes Rey; Sizhen Bian; Yu-Chi Huang; Jo¸e M. Ro¸anec; Hooman Tavakoli Ghinani; Bo Zhou; Paul Lukowicz

In: IEEE Internet of Things Journal (IoT), Vol. 1, Page 1, IEEE, 11/2023.

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Jo¸e M Ro¸anec; Inna Novalija; Patrik Zajec; Klemen Kenda; Hooman Tavakoli Ghinani; Sungho Suh; Entso Veliou; Dimitrios Papamartzivanos; Thanassis Giannetsos; Sofia Anna Menesidou; Ruben Alonso; Nino Cauli; Antonello Meloni; Diego Reforgiato Recupero; Dimosthenis Kyriazis; Georgios Sofianidis; Spyros Theodoropoulos; Bla¸ Fortuna; Dunja Mladenić; John Soldatos

In: International Journal of Production Research (IJPR), Vol. 61, No. 20, Pages 6847-6872, Taylor & Francis, 10/2023.

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