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  1. Enabling Fault Diagnosis in Skill-Based Production Environments

    In: 2023 IEEE 28th International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA). IEEE International Conference on Emerging …

  2. Subash Kannoth; Jesko Hermann; Markus Damm; Pascal Rübel; Dimitri Rusin; Malte Jacobi; Björn Mittelsdorf; Thomas Kuhn; Pablo Oliveira Antonino

    Enabling SMEs to Industry 4.0 Using the BaSyx Middleware: A Case Study

    In: Stefan Biffl; Elena Navarro; Welf Löwe; Marjan Sirjani; Raffaela Mirandola; Danny Weyns (Hrsg.). Software Architecture - 15th European Conference, …

  3. Development of a system architecture enabling a dynamic generation of process chains for Production as a Service

    In: Proceedings 2020 IEEE Conference on Industrial Cyberphysical Systems (ICPS). IEEE International Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems …

  4. Development of a Context-Aware Assistive System for Manual Repair Processes - A Combination of Probabilistic and Deterministic Approaches

    In: George-Christopher Vosniakos; Marcello Pellicciari; Panorios Benardos; Angelos Markopoulos (Hrsg.). Procedia Manufacturing, Vol. 51, Pages …

  5. Patrick Bertram; William Motsch; Pascal Rübel; Martin Ruskowski (Hrsg.)

    Intelligent Material Supply Supporting Assistive Systems for Manual Working Stations

    International Conference on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing (FAIM-2019), June 24-28, Limerick, Ireland, Elsevier B.V, 2019.