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Electrical Energy Consumption Interface in Modular Skill-Based Production Systems with the Asset Administration Shell

William Motsch; Aleksandr Sidorenko; Alexander David; Pascal Rübel; Achim Wagner; Martin Ruskowski
In: Procedia Manufacturing, Vol. 55, Pages 535-542, Elsevier, 2021.


Modular production systems provide the opportunity to react more flexibly to customer-individual requirements resulting in smaller batch sizes. The implementation of capabilities in production systems leads to a skill-based production which manifests on the modular level. Electrical energy consumption can be analyzed more in detail if the consumption can be linked to the respective skill. The aim of this paper is to show the conception of an energy consumption interface in a modular skill-based production environment with the Asset Administration Shell. The current state of the art of modular skill-based production and modular energy consumption measurement with Infrastructure Nodes and Asset Administration Shell is introduced. The role of the modular level for an energy consumption interface and conceptional approaches of this interface to access and collect consumption data is presented on this basis. Furthermore, the prototypical implementation of the energy related Asset Administration Shell submodel with the BaSyx-Middleware is presented.


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