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MASTER-XR: Mixed reAlity ecoSystem for TEaching Robotics in manufacturing

Michael Barz; Panagiotis Karagiannis; Johan Kildal; Andoni Rivera Pinto; Judit Ruiz de Munain; Jesús Rosel; Maria Madarieta; Konstantina Salagianni; Panagiotis Aivaliotis; Sotiris Makris; Daniel Sonntag
In: Mohammad-Reza Alam; Madjid Fathi (Hrsg.). Integrated Systems: Innovations and Applications: Results of the 8th International Conference on Integrated Systems Design and Technology (ISDT 2023). Pages 1-16, ISBN 3031536517, Springer, 2024.


Many industries are transitioning to Industry 4.0 production models by adopting robots in their manufacturing processes. In parallel, Extended Reality (XR) technologies have reached sufficient maturity to enter the industrial applications domain, with early success cases often related to training workers, remote assistance, access to contextual information, and interaction with digital twins. In the future, robots will be increasingly enhanced with XR applications, which requires that industrial workers understand both technologies and use and control hybrid solutions confidently. Specific education and training programs will be essential to this transition, especially for vocational school students and professionals in upskilling. They must learn how to program robots and establish a safe and productive human-robot collaboration. The new EU-funded project MASTER will improve the XR ecosystem for teaching and training robotics in manufacturing by providing an open XR platform that integrates key functionalities like creating safe robotic environments, programming flexible robotic applications, and integrating advanced interaction mechanisms based on eye tracking. It will also provide high-quality training materials for robotics. We report on the project plan, our objectives, and milestones.


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