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Robotics Innovation Center


  1. Parabolic flight with exoskeleton: DFKI and University of Duisburg-Essen test fine motor skills in weightlessness

    Fine motor tasks under space conditions are particularly challenging and must first be trained on Earth. Scientists from the German Research Center …

  2. Exciting insights into DFKI research at Girls' Day and Future Day 2024

    What do coding, a turtle, and art have in common? How can we protect the environment with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what exactly is …

  3. Unlocking the potential of underactuated and mobile robotic systems: DFKI presents latest research results at ICRA 2024

    In a world where robots are taking on increasingly complex tasks, underactuated systems, particularly walking robots such as quadrupeds and humanoids, …

  4. Resource-aware Edge AI enables AI applications on mobile devices – DFKI and Inria launch joint FAIRe project

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is finding increasingly diverse applications in the physical world, especially on embedded, cyber-physical devices with …

  5. Grüne Woche 2024 - DFKI presents strawberry picking robot and AI ecosystem

    The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence will be presenting new technologies for agriculture in three exhibit halls at the International …

Field Test Eurex Luna 2022


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Robotics Innovation Center
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