Speech and Language Technology

Our mission is to advance the use of human languages by machines and to create and improve IT-solutions that benefit from language use.

  • We conduct advanced research in language technology and provide novel computational techniques for processing text, speech and knowledge.
  • We strive for a deeper understanding of human language and thought, studying the true needs of the end user and the demands of the market.
  • We develop novel and enhanced solutions related to information and knowledge management, content production, and natural communication.

Key areas of activity include text analytics, machine translation, human-robot interaction and digital content creation.


The Lab carries out research, development and commercial projects on all themes of computational linguistics and language technology.

A major outcome of a European key project the Lab has been coordinating is the network of excellence META-NET, which strives for a strategic alliance for creating the technologies and applications needed for making the linguistic diversity of our multicultural society sustainable.

Many projects focus on three key areas:

Other project themes of importance include social signal processing, speech synthesis, opinion mining and trend analysis.

Competence Centers

There are currently two Competence Centers, that bundle know-how, skills, and technologies of DFKI-LT to tackle important questions in:


The “Speech and Language Technology Lab“ provides a variety of community services.

META-NET a Network of Excellence consisting of 60 research centres from 34 countries, is dedicated to building the technological foundations of a multilingual European information society.

For specific interests in Japanese linguistics, a bibliography is available and maintained.



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