Multilinguality and Language Technology

The research department Multilinguality and Language Technology (MLT) in Saarbrücken is headed by Prof. Dr. Josef van Genabith.

MLT covers the following main topics: Machine Translation (MT), Question Answering and Information Extraction Systems (QAIE), Talking Robots (TR), and Data and Resources (D&R).

  • MT group: Machine translation between texts and from text to sign language;
  • QAIE group: Highly scalable text analysis and, based on this, question-answering and information extraction systems;
  • TR group: Dialog processing for human-robot collaboration and for teamwork support. Basic dialog technologies as well as applications, e.g., for disaster response management and health care;
  • D&R group: Collection of language data and processing into resources for the development of intelligent language technologies.

We work with machine learning and knowledge-based approaches. Besides basic research, MLT is strongly involved in contract research and industrial projects. 

At Saarland University, members of the MLT group are involved in leading positions in SFB 1102 (Information Density and Linguistic Encoding, subproject B6), a DFG project on multi-modal interfaces for post-editing of MT results (MMPE), and the “Erasmus Mundus European Masters Program in Language and Communication Technologies” (LCT).


Talks at MLT-Meetings


Presenter Affiliation Title Date
Paramita Mirza MPI Saarbrücken Building Personal Knowledge Graphs from User-generated Content and Conversations Dec 14
Jingyi Zhang DFKI Saarbrücken Fast and Accurate Transformer-Based Translation with Character-Level Encoding and Subword-Level Decoding Dec 07
Tatiana Anikina DFKI Saarbrücken Representing events and entities in dialogue Nov 30
Natalia Skachkova/Tatiana Anikina DFKI Saarbrücken Anaphora Resolution in Dialogue: Description of the DFKI-TalkingRobots System for the CODI-CRAC 2021 Shared-Task and Cross-Team Performance Analysis Nov 16
Penny Labropoulou ILSP Athens The META-SHARE ontology Nov 09
Günter Neumann DFKI Saarbrücken Precise4Q - Current developments in Text Analysis Nov 02
Mihael Arcan Insight Centre for Data Analytics Utilising of Terminological Expressions in Knowledge Bases and Knowledge Graphs for Neural Machine Translation Oct 26
Noortje Venhuizen Saarland University Distributional Formal Semantics Oct 19
Prof. Djame Sedah Université Paris Sorbonne/INRIA Beyond Sesame street-based naming schemes: Camembert vs CharacterBert Oct 12
Patricia Martin Chozas Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Semantic Web-driven Terminology Generation Oct 05


Prof. Dr. Josef van Genabith
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Deputy Head
Prof. Dr. Stephan Busemann
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