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Gutachten KI-gestützte Bildung in Deutschland mit Fokus auf berufliche Aus- und Weiterbildung

Für das Monitoringprojekt "Anwendungspotenziale und Herausforderungen von künstlicher Intelligenz in der Bildung" am Büro für Technikfolgen-Abschätzung beim Deutschen Bundestag (TAB) erstellt das…

Photo und Audiorealistische*r Volumetrische*r Mixed Reality Professor*in für omnipräsente und nutzeroptimierte Lehre

VoluProf implements an application that integrates the most realistic and interactive image possible, as well as the teacher's language, into an MR environment (e.g. in the user's living room). The…

AI-supported Personalization in vocational training

The vocational training environment in Germany includes a tremendous multitude of courses. As such, it is challenging to find the best matching offer as an individual learner. Ideally, the selected…

Learning Analytics, Monitoring und Ambition for Study Success in Distance Learning

The aim of the project is to research the factors for academic success and dropout for digital study formats and their interactions on the subjective, curricular and institutional level. With the…

Multimodal immersive learning with artificial intelligence for psychomotor skills

Development of psychomotor skills (e.g. in medicine, sports) requires practical exercise, direct feedback and reflection. In order to achieve the desired learning success, individual support is…

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