Towards Amplified Motor Learning in Sports using EMS

Florian Daiber, Felix Kosmalla, Mahmoud Mohamed Hassan Aboelhamd Atia, Frederik Wiehr, Antonio Krüger

In: Proceedings of the ACM CHI Workshop on Amplification and Augmentation of Human Perception (Amplify). Workshop on Amplification and Augmentation of Human Perception (Amplify-17) befindet sich CHI 2017 May 7-7 Denver CO United States Amplify 2017.


In sports, correctly performed (repetitive) exercises increase efficiency and performance. In cases of incorrect performance, they may lead to injuries. Thus, focusing on correct performance is of high interest for both professional and non-professional athletes. In running, knee-related injuries are very common. The main cause is high impact forces when striking the ground with the heel first. In contrast, mid- or forefoot running is generally known to reduce im- pact loads and to be a more efficient running style. In this position paper, we introduce a wearable running assistant, consisting of an electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) de- vice and an insole with force sensing resistors. It detects heel striking and actuates the calf muscles during the flight phase to control the foot angle before landing. We discuss how EMS can be used to enable motor learning of complex, repetitive movements.

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