Big Data Analysis of Manufacturing Processes

Stefan Windmann, Alexander Maier, Oliver Niggemann, Christian Frey, Ansgar Bernardi, Ying Gu, Holger Pfrommer, Thilo Steckel, Michael Krüger, Robert Kraus

In: Journal of Physics: Conference Series (IOPscience) 659 1 Seite 012055 Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd 11/2015.


The high complexity of manufacturing processes and the continuously growing amount of data lead to excessive demands on the users with respect to process monitoring, data analysis and fault detection. For these reasons, problems and faults are often detected too late, maintenance intervals are chosen too short and optimization potential for higher output and increased energy efficiency is not sufficiently used. A possibility to cope with these challenges is the development of self-learning assistance systems, which identify relevant relationships by observation of complex manufacturing processes so that failures, anomalies and need for optimization are automatically detected. The assistance system developed in the present work accomplishes data acquisition, process monitoring and anomaly detection in industrial and agricultural processes. The assistance system is evaluated in three application cases: Large distillation columns, agricultural harvesting processes and large-scale sorting plants. In this paper, the developed infrastructures for data acquisition in these application cases are described as well as the developed algorithms and initial evaluation results.


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