Automatic Robot Calibration for the NAO

Tobias Kastner, Thomas Röfer, Tim Laue

In: Reinaldo A. C. Bianchi, H. Levent Akin, Subramanian Ramamoorthy, Komei Sugiura (Hrsg.). RoboCup 2014: Robot World Cup XVIII. RoboCup International Symposium (RoboCup-2014) Seiten 233-244 Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI) 8992 Springer Heidelberg 2015.


In this paper, we present an automatic approach for the kinematic calibration of the humanoid robot NAO. The kinematic calibration has a deep impact on the performance of a robot playing soccer, which is walking and kicking, and therefore it is a crucial step prior to a match. So far, the existing calibration methods are time-consuming and error-prone, since they rely on the assistance of humans. The automatic calibration procedure instead consists of a self-acting measurement phase, in which two checkerboards, that are attached to the robot's feet, are visually observed by a camera under several different kinematic configurations, and a final optimization phase, in which the calibration is formulated as a non-linear least squares problem, that is finally solved utilizing the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm.

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