Nachhaltiges Konzept zur Förderung der Therapietreue [Sustainable Concept for Increasing Compliance]

Boris Brandherm, Alexander Kröner, Michael Schmitz, Jens Haupert, Frank Lehmann, Ralf Gampfer

In: Demographischer Wandel - Assistenzsysteme aus der Forschung in den Markt. Deutscher AAL-Kongress (AAL-12) 5. Deutscher AAL-Kongress mit Ausstellung January 23-25 Berlin Germany VDE VERLAG GMBH Berlin und Offenbach 2/2012.


Incompliance to prescriptions concerning the intake of drugs may seriously affect a patient's health and financially burden health care systems. To some extent, this issue may be addressed by combining digital assistants with smart packing solutions. However, a particular challenge of such support is its integration into the patient's everyday behavior in an unobtrusive way - for instance, by integrating monitoring and feedback mechanisms directly at the packaging. Besides the need to invent an appropriate interaction metaphor, a particular challenge of this approach arises from additional costs of the required technology - which may hinder the integration of this solution into real-world business models and eventually its practical success. We present an approach to the instrumentation of everyday commodities and convenience goods in order to support therapy compliance in a sustainable manner and at a reasonable price.


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