Usability Mining - Automated Analysis of Information System Usability based on Process Mining

Sharam Dadashnia, Constantin Houy, Peter Loos

In: Jan vom Brocke, Alan Hevner, Alexander Maedche. Design Science Research. Cases. Seiten 155-176 ISBN 978-3-030-46780-7 Springer Berlin 9/2020.


(a) Problem faced: The usability of information systems (IS) is a key charac-teristic in the context of software selection and IS design. IS are supposed to support different functions in business organizations in an effective and efficient way and should, furthermore, be easy to use, easy to learn and should produce satisfactory outcomes for users. There has been research aiming at engineering IS based on automated usability checks. However, although the concept of process mining offers considerable potential in this context, there has - so far - only been little research into the potential of process mining approaches for automated analyses of the usability of IS. (b) Solution developed: We describe the journey and the results of several de-sign research projects investigating and realizing the potential of combining process mining approaches and usability engineering (usability mining). The design artifacts presented in the following witness the potential of usability mining and demonstrate this potential in the context of usability studies focusing on mobile policing applications which were investigated in the context of different projects in Germany. We present a dedicated reference framework for the design of usability mining solutions and an according software implementation which we use for the illustration of the artifacts' applications in the mobile policing scenario. (c) Lessons Learned: In the following, we present the results of several design project iterations in which we have gathered experience concerning usability mining and its application in real-world scenarios. While the development of a usability mining solution can be managed according to the design recommendations in the following, the part of data preparation and data cleansing in order to achieve valuable insights is also a specific challenge in usability mining endeavors, such as in every data science project.


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