Cosimulation Environment for Mechanical Design Optimization with Evolutionary Algorithms

Mohammed Ahmed, Christian Oekermann, Frank Kirchner

In: Proceeding of the World Symposium on Computer Applications & Research WSCAR'2014. AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-2014) January 18-21 Sousse Tunisia Seiten 21-26 ISBN 978-1-4799-2805-7 IEEE 1/2014.


In this paper, we present a cosimulation environmentthat seamlessly integrates design and simulation tools used for mechanical parts design and optimization. The proposedenvironment enables use of tools from different vendors in addition to the developer’s own developed tools. This way, the individual parts or components of the mechanical assembly no longer need to be designed, simulated, and optimized apart from each other. Furthermore, integrated cosimulation facilitatesdeveloping the integration methodology for the design, test andparameter optimization of these components. Within the presented environment, an evolutionary optimizationmethod is applied to a novel four bar steering mechanism. It is used to evolve its morphology that requires minimal steeringforces. A precise cosimulation is used to dynamically model the assembly, all constraints, and to evaluate each morphology byanalyzing the required forces for accomplishing a desired steeringmaneuver.

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