LingInfo: Design and Applications of a Model for the Integration of Linguistic Information in Ontologies

Paul Buitelaar, Thierry Declerck, Anette Frank, Stefania Racioppa, Malte Kiesel, Michael Sintek, Ralf Engel, Daniel Sonntag, Berenike Loos, Vanessa Micelli, Robert Porzel, Philipp Cimiano

In: Proc. of OntoLex06, a Workshop at LREC. International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC) 2006.


To allow for a direct connection of this linguistic information for terms with corresponding classes and properties in a domain ontology, we developed a lexicon model (LingInfo) that enables the definition of LingInfo instances (each of which represents a term) for each class or property. The LingInfo model is represented by use of a meta-class, which allows for the representation of LingInfo instances with each class, where each LingInfo instance represents the linguistic features of a term for a particular class. Applications of the LingInfo model are in information extraction, dialogue analysis, and knowledge acquisition from text, i.e. in knowledge base eneration and ontology learning.

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