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Towards Automated Process Planning and Mining

Peter Fettke; Alexander Michael Rombach
In: Giuseppe De Giacomo; Antonella Guzzo; Marco Montali; Lior Limonad; Fabiana Fournier; Tagatha Chakraborti (Hrsg.). Process Management in the AI Era 2022. International Workshop on Process Management in the AI era (PMAI-2022), located at 31st International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence and the 25th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-ECAI 2022), July 23-29, Wien, Austria, CEUR, 12/2022.


AI Planning, Machine Learning and Process Mining have so far developed into separate research fields. At the same time, many interesting concepts and insights have been gained at the intersection of these areas in recent years. For example, the behavior of future processes is now comprehensively predicted with the aid of Machine Learning. For the practical application of these findings, however, it is also necessary not only to know the expected course, but also to give recommendations and hints for the achievement of goals, i.e. to carry out comprehensive process planning. At the same time, an adequate integration of the aforementioned research fields is still lacking. In this article, we present a research project in which researchers from the AI and BPM field work jointly together. Therefore, we discuss the overall research problem, the relevant fields of research and our overall research framework to automatically derive process models from executional process data, derive subsequent planning problems and conduct automated planning in order to adaptively plan and execute business processes using real-time forecasts.


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