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Self-SuperFlow: Self-supervised Scene Flow Prediction in Stereo Sequences

Katharina Bendig; René Schuster; Didier Stricker
In: International Conference on Image Processing. IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP-2022), October 16-19, Bordeaux, France, IEEE, 2022.


In recent years, deep neural networks showed their exceeding capabilities in addressing many computer vision tasks including scene flow prediction. However, most of the advances are dependent on the availability of a vast amount of dense per pixel ground truth annotations, which are very difficult to obtain for real life scenarios. Therefore, synthetic data is often relied upon for supervision, resulting in a representation gap between the training and test data. Even though a great quantity of unlabeled real world data is available, there is a huge lack in self-supervised methods for scene flow prediction. Hence, we explore the extension of a self-supervised loss based on the Census transform and occlusion-aware bidirectional displacements for the problem of scene flow prediction. Regarding the KITTI scene flow benchmark, our method outperforms the corresponding supervised pre-training of the same network and shows improved generalization capabilities while achieving much faster convergence.