Future Integrated Mobile Communication Systems — An Outlook towards 6G

Christoph Fischer, Dennis Krummacker, Maximilian Berndt, Hans Dieter Schotten

In: Pascal Lorenz, Cherry L. Chan (Hrsg.). International Journal of Future Computer and Communication (IJFCC) 11 2 Seiten 27-33 IJFCC Singapur 6/2022.


6G will come with a multitude of new features that will improve communication. These features will be strongly driven by Artificial Intelligence that is processing communication data and derive information. One feature that is already well discussed in the Research World is Joint Communication and Sensing. This says that along with the pure information transport the electromagnetic waves will be used to derive more information from the environment, which might be positioning information or perception of barriers. All these information will internally be used to then optimize the 6G Network with e.g., high precision beam forming or movement prediction for User Equipment. Be-side these internal optimizations, there will also be a multitude of external applications that can benefit from these information. By processing these information, external applications are capable of deriving further relevant information that can be used to integrate new management capabilities. This paper gives an outlook on the multitude of possibilities to exploit these information for various use cases, to make 6G not just another mobile communication standard but to enable an integration level for a communication technology that can be the unique selling point for 6G.


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