Application of RPA for Cross-Border Business Processes Based on the Example of Intra-Community Supplies

Dominic Neu; Alessandro Benke; Robert Müller; Peter Fettke

In: Gustaf Juell-Skielse; Ida Lindgren; Maria Åkesson;. Service Automation in the Public Sector. Concepts, Empirical Examples and Challenges. Pages 147-165, Progress in IS (Progress in IS), ISBN 978-3-030-92644-1, Springer, 2022.


Cross-border business processes usually require significant amounts of paperwork. This contribution shows how several software robots can be synchronised in order to automate complex business processes. A novel approach of concurrent legal assessment capable of significantly reducing processing times is presented, which is only possible by employing software robots for legal assessment. It is demonstrated how the Heraklit modelling language can be leveraged to design information architectures and information flows within and between multiple bots.

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