Shape-Changing Mobiles: Tapering in Two-Dimensional Deformational Displays in Mobile Phones.

Fabian Hemmert, Gesche Joost, Matthias Löwe, Josefine Zeipelt, Susann Hamann

CHI'10 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems Seiten 3075-3080 2010.


This paper presents a novel haptic actuation system for mobile phones: Two-dimensional tapering through an actuated back plate. It proposes this type of shape-change for various applications, e.g. for ergonomically actuating the shape itself, displaying internal contents, and pointing to entities located outside the device. The paper reports a user study in which the accuracy of perceiving the two-dimensional tilt of the phone's back plate is measured, as well as results from a questionnaire and a user interview. The results indicate that two-dimensional shape change may be a suitable addition to existing mobile phone technology.

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