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  1. Paul Libbrecht; Thierry Declerck; Tim Schlippe; Thomas Mandl; Daniel Schiffner

    NLP for Student and Teacher: Concept for an AI based Information Literacy Tutoring System

    In: Stefan Conrad; Ilaria Tiddi (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the CIKM 2020 Workshops,. International Workshop on Investigating Learning During Web Search …

  2. Sergey Sosnovsky; Michael Dietrich; Eric Andres; Giorgi Goguadze; Stefan Winterstein; Paul Libbrecht; Jörg Siekmann; Erica Melis

    Math-Bridge: Closing Gaps in European Remedial Mathematics with Technology-Enhanced Learning

    In: Thomas Wassong; Daniel Frischemeier; Pascal R. Fischer; Reinhard Hochmuth; Peter Bender. Mit Werkzeugen Mathematik und Stochastik lernen - Using …

  3. Paul Libbrecht

    What You Check is What You Get: Authoring with jEditOQMath

    In: Proceedings 10th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies. IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies …

  4. Paul Libbrecht

    Notations Around the World:Census and Exploitation

    In: Serge Autexier; Jacques Calmet; David Delahaye; Patrick D.F. Ion; Laurence Rideau; Renaud Rioboo; Alan P. Sexton (Hrsg.). Intelligent Computer …

  5. Paul Libbrecht

    Re-use? Is this Re-use?

    In: U. Kortenkamp (Hrsg.). Proceedings of I2GEO conference. Interoperable Interactive Geometry Conference (I2GEO-2010), located at CADGME / I2GEO, …

  6. Paul Libbrecht; Cyrille Desmoulins

    A Cross-Curriculum Representation for Handling and Searching Dynamic Geometry Competencies

    In: D. Dicheva; R. Mizoguchi; J. Greer (Hrsg.). Semantic Web Technologies for e-Learning. Chapter 8, A Cross-Curriculum Representation for Handling …

  7. Miguel Abánades; Francisco Botana; Jesús Escribano; Maxim Hendriks; Ulrich Kortenkamp; Yves Kreis; Paul Libbrecht; Daniel Marques; Christian Mercat

    The Intergeo File Format in Progress

    In: Proceedings of OpenMath Workshop 09. Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics (CICM-09), located at Conferences on Intelligent Computer …

  8. Paul Libbrecht; Eric Andres; Yecheng Gu

    Smart Pasting for ActiveMath Authoring

    In: Proceedings of Mathematical User-Interfaces Workshop 2009. Mathematical User-Interfaces Workshop (MathUI-2009), located at 8th Mathematical …

  9. Paul Libbrecht; Ulrich Kortenkamp; Christian Mercat

    I2Geo: a Web-Library of Interactive Geometry

    In: Petr Sojka (Hrsg.). Towards a Digital Mathematics Library, Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop. Towards a Digital Mathematics Library (DML-2009), 2nd, …

  10. Erica Melis; Giorgi Goguadze; Paul Libbrecht; Carsten Ullrich

    Culturally Adapted Mathematics Education with ActiveMath

    In: Artificial Intelligence and Society, Vol. 24, Pages 251-265, Springer, 2009.


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