Re-use? Is this Re-use?

Paul Libbrecht

In: U. Kortenkamp (editor). Proceedings of I2GEO conference. Interoperable Interactive Geometry Conference (I2GEO-2010) located at CADGME / I2GEO July 2-3 Hluboka nad Vltavou Czech Republic Cermat 7/2010.


In this paper, we investigate the notions of re-use: at least as it has been understood by many computer-scientists, as was probably used by the Intergeo project description, and what it can mean in a more realistic setting. The paper first defines the technical re-use: the one that expects a real data operation of "copy and deploy" as and its implementation in the i2geo platform. A simple experience in Intergeo has proven that this is a far too restricted view: when an teacher is gathering resources, he gathers them because they are interesting; for some of them, he can easily "copy and deploy" but, for many, there's a little itch that prevents the copy and deploy to be useful... "Not bad! Redoing it in my favorite geometry system will be easy!" This paper investigates the re-use methods and proposes that users should be allowed to explicitly mark the links of being a copy of, a relationship that applies to the copy operation as well as to many other re-use methods (copy-and-paste, imitation, transclusion...).


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