Cognitive Assistants


TeachTAM: Machine Teaching with Hybrid Neurosymbolic Reinforcement Learning; The Apprenticeship Model

Recent advances in Machine learning (specifically Computer Vision and Reinforcement Learning) allowed robots to understand objects and the surrounding environment on a perceptual non-symbolic level…

Care documentation with a hybrid speech assistant

Comprehensive and accurate documentation is essential for needs-based care. In many places, the systems and processes used today for care documentation are time-consuming and prone to errors.…

Mixed-Reality Interactive Training for Handling Heterogeneity and Conflict Situations in Schools

BMBF-Research programme in the frame of the research focus on „ Interactive systems in virtual and real spaces – Innovative technologies for a digital society“

Teachers often feel inadequately…

Feasibility Study on the Use of AI Tools to Support the State Media Authorities in Verifying the Implementation of the Transparency Requirements of the Medienstaatsvertrag by Media Intermediaries.

New regulations in the Medienstaatsvertrag (MStV) present the state media authorities with new, diverse tasks in the area of media intermediaries: These must disclose what happens in the background…

Data and AI-driven development and strengthening of value chains in regional food systems.

The joint project "Stadt-Land-Flussr" (data and AI-supported development and strengthening of value chains in the field of regional food systems), SLF for short, investigates the strengthening of the…

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