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  1. Julia Müller; Max Sprenger; Tobias Franke; Paul Lukowicz; Claudia Reidick; Marc Herrlich

    Game of TUK: deploying a large-scale activity-boosting gamification project in a university context

    In: Mensch und Computer. Mensch und Computer (MuC-2020), ACM, 2020.

  2. Trace Driven Simulation Model for City Scale Crowd Movements

    In: Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Smart City. IEEE International Conference on Smart City, 14th, December 12-14, Sydney, …

  3. Smart crowds in smart cities: real life, city scale deployments of a smartphone based participatory crowd management platform

    In: Journal of Internet Services and Applications, Vol. 6, No. 27, Pages 1-19, SpringerOpen, 12/2015.

  4. Leveraging human mobility in smartphone based ad-hoc information distribution in crowd management scenarios

    In: 2015 2nd International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Disaster Management (ICT-DM). International Conference on …

  5. Efficient information distribution using human mobility

    In: Procedia Computer Science, Vol. 66, Pages 382-391, Elsevier, 2015.

  6. Ulf Blanke; Gerhard Troster; Tobias Franke; Paul Lukowicz

    Capturing crowd dynamics at large scale events using participatory gps-localization

    In: Proceedings of the 9th international conference on Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing. International Conference on …

  7. Henrik Blunck; Niels Olof Bouvin; Tobias Franke; Kaj Grønbæk; Mikkel B Kjaergaard; Paul Lukowicz; Markus Wüstenberg

    On heterogeneity in mobile sensing applications aiming at representative data collection

    In: Proceedings of the 2013 ACM conference on Pervasive and ubiquitous computing adjunct publication. International Joint Conference on Pervasive and …

  8. Tobias Franke; Paul Lukowicz; Martin Wirz; Eve Mitleton-Kelly

    Participatory sensing and crowd management in public spaces

    In: Proceeding of the 11th annual international conference on Mobile systems, applications, and services. International Conference on Mobile Systems, …

  9. Martin Wirz; Tobias Franke; Daniel Roggen; Eve Mitleton-Kelly; Paul Lukowicz; Gerhard Tröster

    Probing crowd density through smartphones in city-scale mass gatherings

    In: The European Physical Journal - Data Science (EPJ DS), Vol. 2, Pages 1-24, Springer, Berlin, 6/2013.

  10. Martin Wirz; Eve Mitleton-Kelly; Tobias Franke; Vanessa Camilleri; Matthew Montebello; Daniel Roggen; Paul Lukowicz; Gerhard Troster

    Using mobile technology and a participatory sensing approach for crowd monitoring and management during large-scale mass gatherings

    In: Eve Mitleton-Kelly (Hrsg.). Co-Evolution of Intelligent Socio-Technical Systems: Modelling and Applications in Large Scale Emergency and Transport …