Mobile Purchase Decision Support Systems for In-Store Shopping Environments

Tobias Kowatsch, Wolfgang Maaß

In: Eleonora Pantano, Harry Timmermans (Hrsg.). Advanced Technologies Management for Retailing: Frameworks and Cases. Kapitel 14 Seiten 270-288 IGI Global 2011.


Purchase decision-making is influenced by product information available in online or in-store shopping environments. In online shopping environments, the use of decision support systems increases the value of product information as information becomes adaptive and thus more relevant to consumers’ information needs. Correspondingly, mobile purchase decision support systems (MP-DSSs) may also increase the value of product information in in-store shopping environments. In this chapter, we investigate the use of a MP-DSS that is bound to a physical product. Based on Theory of Planned Behaviour, Innovation Diffusion Theory, and Technology Acceptance Model, we propose and evaluate a model to better understand MP-DSSs. Results indicate that perceived usefulness influences product purchases and predicts usage intentions and store preferences of consumers. We therefore discuss new business models for retail stores in which MP-DSSs satisfy both the information needs of consumers and the communication needs of retailers.

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