Tabletop Game Meets Live-Streaming: Empowering the Audience

Pascal Lessel, Maximilian Altmeyer

Augmented Tabletop Games Workshop @ CHI PLAY '17 CHI PLAY '17 2017.


Live-streaming of games has become a topic for research recently. Not only are digital games streamed, but also card and tabletop games. Today's gaming live- streaming platforms offer a direct communication channel between audience and streamer via a live-chat. The latter is often used to integrate the audience into the stream, e.g. by letting the audience participate in a poll that decides what should be played next. Games also have appeared that allow the audience to alter game mechanics while the streamer plays the game (e.g., ChoiceChamber). While many of these games are digital, it seems reasonable to extend this to analog games, potentially, by augmenting the underlying game as well. In this white paper, we will present as examples two categories of analog games that are already used in streams today and we elaborate on how these games have been extended for this context and how these could be augmented further. With this paper, we illustrate not only how non-digital games have been altered but also want to emphasize that having an audience is an im- portant aspect that is of relevance for augmented tabletop games---similar to video games that have already started to take this design dimension into account---in the future as well. The latter is especially important when the inherent social component of tabletop gaming is considered

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