Supporting Awareness and Reflection in Companies to Move towards Industry 4.0

Milos Kravcik, Carsten Ullrich, Christoph Igel

In: Milos Kravcik, Alexander Mikroyannidis, Viktoria Pammer, Michael Prilla (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 7th Workshop on Awareness and Reflection in Technology Enhanced Learning. European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL-17) befindet sich 12th European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL) September 12-15 Tallinn Estonia CEUR 1997 CEUR Aachen 11/2017.


Transfer to Industry 4.0 is a big challenge nowadays. At the level of an individual company it requires to identify the current situation as well as the target status in a foreseeable future. This awareness and reflection needs to be followed by an action plan for overcoming the existing gap. The problem is be-ing addressed by the ADAPTION project, dealing with migration to Cyber Physical Production Systems. Considering the technical, organizational and personal aspects, the consortium aims to identify relevant measures that lead to the development of the progress model and the maturity model. This work is in progress and includes a lot of consultations with companies. Based on the for-malized models, requirements for a software tool will be specified and the tool will be developed, in order to support process steering and progress monitoring in individual companies. Finally, the system will be evaluated, using the Tech-nology Acceptance Model. We expect the ADAPTION approach will support awareness and reflection in companies as well as to help them to take right ac-tions in order to move towards their specific requirements of Industry 4.0.


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