Wearable Technology in Medicine: Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication in Distributed Systems.

Schmucker M, Yildirim K, Christoph Igel, Haag Martin

In: Studies in health technology and informatics Seiten 225-229 IOS Press 8/2016.


Smart wearables are capable of supporting physicians during various processes in medical emergencies. Nevertheless, it is almost impossible to operate several computers without neglecting a patient's treatment. Thus, it is necessary to set up a distributed network consisting of two or more computers to exchange data or initiate remote procedure calls (RPC). If it is not possible to create flawless connections between those devices, it is not possible to transfer medically relevant data to the most suitable device, as well as to control a device with another one. This paper shows how wearables can be paired and what problems occur when trying to pair several wearables. Furthermore, it is described as to what interesting scenarios are possible in the context of emergency medicine/paramedicine.

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