Standalone Sound-based Mobile Activity Recognition for Ambient Assistance in a Home Environment

Svilen Dimitrov, Norbert Schmitz, Didier Stricker

In: European Conference on Ambient Intelligence. European Conference on Ambient Intelligence (AmI-15) November 11-13 Athens Greece Seiten 349-352 9425 ISBN 978-3-319-26005-1 Springer International Publishing 11/2015.


Developments of ambient assistance systems and energy consumption optimization in home environments are one of the main goals of ambient intelligent systems. In this work we propose a wearable standalone solution, which combines the assistance task and the energy optimization task. For this purpose we develop a real-time mobile sound-based device and activity recognizer that senses the audible part of the environment to support its owner during his daily tasks and to help him optimize them in terms of resource consumption.


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