Towards Industry 4.0 - Standardization As the Crucial Challenge for Highly Modular, Multi-Vendor Production Systems

Stephan Weyer, Mathias Schmitt, Moritz Ohmer, Dominic Gorecky

In: IFAC Symposium on Information Control in Manufacturing. IFAC Symposium on Information Control in Manufacturing (INCOM-15) May 11-13 Ottawa Ontario Canada IFAC 2015.


The vision of the 4th industrial revolution describes the realization of the Internet of Things within the context of the factory to realize a significantly higher flexibility and adaptability of production systems. Driven by politics and research meanwhile most of the automation technology providers in Germany have recognized the potentials of Industry 4.0 and provide first solutions. However, presented solutions so far represent vendor-specific or isolated production system. In order to make Industry 4.0 a success, these proprietary approaches must be replaced by open and standardized solutions. For this reason, the SmartFactoryKL has realized a very first multi-vendor and highly modular production system as a sample reference for Industry 4.0. This contribution gives an overview of the current status of the SmartFactoryKL initiative to build a highly modular, multi-vendor production line based on common concepts and standardization activities. The findings and experiences of this multi-vendor project are documented as an outline for further research on highly modular production lines.

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