Dynamic Reconfiguration of Intelligent Field Devices by using Modular Software Applications

Mathias Schmitt, Marius Orfgen, Detlef Zühlke

In: IFAC Symposium on Information Control in Manufacturing. IFAC Symposium on Information Control in Manufacturing (INCOM-15) May 11-13 Ottawa Ontario Canada IFAC 2015.


The goal of this paper is to give an overview of the current work regarding the transfer of smart devices and linked app-based approaches into the industrial application. For this purpose, a generic and manufacturer-independent reference architecture has been developed in order to enable dynamic reconfiguration of intelligent field devices by using modular software applications. Similar to the popular app-based approaches, apps can be downloaded from an App Store and with the help of smart devices installed and executed directly on the field devices. Besides selected results of the prototypical implementation in the SmartFactoryKL, an insight into the ongoing work is presented. This paper ends with a forecast for continuative implementation work and open research questions.

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