Specification and Application of a Taxonomy for Task Models in Model-Based User Interface Development Environments

Gerrit Meixner, Marc Seissler, Marius Orfgen

In: International Journal on Advances in Intelligent Systems 4 3+4 Seiten 388-398 IARIA 4/2012.


This paper presents a taxonomy allowing for the evaluation of task models with a focus on their applicability in model-based user interface development processes. Task models are explicit representations of all user tasks which can be achieved through a user interface. It further supports the verification and improvement of existing task models, and provides developers with a decision-making aid for the selection of the most suitable task model for their development process or project. The taxonomy is applied on the Useware Markup Language 1.0, the ConcurTaskTrees notation and the AMBOSS notation. The results of the application are briefly described in this paper which led to the identification of substantial improvement potentials for the Useware Markup Language.

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