Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Knowledge Representation meets Databases

Mokrane Bouzeghoub, Matthias Klusch, Werner Nutt, Ulrike Sattler (Hrsg.)

International Workshop on Knowledge Representation meets Databases (KRDB-2000) befindet sich ECAI 2000 August 21 Berlin Germany CEUR Workshop Proceedings 2000.


The 7th International KRDB Workshop continues the tradition of annual international workshops devoted to facilitate cross-fertilisation between the elds of knowledge representation (KR) and databases (DB), started in 1994. Previous workshops were held in conjunction with various AI or databases conferences: KRDB’94, Saarbrücken, Germany; KRDB’95, Bielefeld, Germany; KRDB’96, Budapest, Hungary (in conjunction with ECAI’96); KRDB’97, Athens, Greece (in conjunction with VLDB’97); KRDB’98, Seattle, WA, USA (in conjunction with SIGMOD/PODS’98); and KRDB’99, Link oping, Sweden (as a liate event with IJCAI’99). KRDB2000 is being held in Berlin (Germany) August 21 in conjunction the European Conference on Arti cal Intelligence (ECAI2000)

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