Remote cognitive assessment of older adults in rural areas by telemedicine and automatic speech and video analysis: protocol for a cross-over feasibility study

Alexandra König, Radia Zeghari, Rachid Guerchouche, Minh Duc Tran, François Bremond, Nicklas Linz, Hali Lindsay, Kai Langel, Inez Ramakers, Pascale Lemoine

In: BMJ Open 11 9 e Seite 047083 British Medical Journal Publishing Group 2021.


Early detection of cognitive impairments is crucial for the successful implementation of preventive strategies. However, in rural isolated areas or so-called ‘medical deserts’, access to diagnosis and care is very limited. With the current pandemic crisis, now even more than ever, remote solutions such as telemedicine platforms represent great potential and can help to overcome this barrier. Moreover, current advances made in voice and image analysis can help overcome the barrier of physical distance by providing additional information on a patients’ emotional and cognitive state. Therefore, the aim of this study is to evaluate the feasibility and reliability of a videoconference system for remote cognitive testing empowered by automatic speech and video analysis.


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