Next Generation Industrial Radio LAN for Tactile and Safety Applications

Sergiy Melnyk, Abraham Gebru Tesfay, Hans Dieter Schotten, Jason Raphael Rambach, Didier Stricker, Markus Petri, Marcus Ehrig, Thomas Augustin, Norman Franchi, Gerhard Fettweis, Oleksandr Artemenko, Michael Schneider, Markus Aleksy

In: 22. VDE/ITG Fachtagung Mobilkommunikation. VDE/ITG Fachtagung Mobilkommunikation (MKT) May 9-10 Osnabrück Germany VDE/ITG 5/2017.


Advanced industrial applications as augmented reality support for maintenance works or mobile control panels require new reliable wireless connectivity solutions that are not available today. Based on an analysis of some representative use cases, this paper identifies and quantitatively describes the resulting requirements on the wireless systems and provides a comparison to state of the art solutions. In a second part, this paper introduces a new industrial radio concept that is able to meet the derived requirements. The overall concept and the most important features allowing to meet the requirements is discussed in detail.


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