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Smart Factory Systems – Fostering Cloud-based Manufacturing based on Self-Monitoring Cyber-Physical Systems

Simon Bergweiler
In: International Journal on Advances in Systems and Measurements, Vol. 9, No. 1 & 2, Pages 91-101, IARIA, 7/2016.


This paper describes the concept and realization of an architecture using cloud-based smart components to achieve a more responsive production system that provides a modular and re-configurable production framework. For each important part of the plant and the manufactured product, digital virtual copies are created and stored in active digital object memories, a unified structured format for data access and further processing. Cyber- Physical Systems act as intelligent nodes within the cloud-based network and guarantee the function of technical communication and data exchange. Moreover, these systems continuously perform and execute almost autonomous simple state and feature checks, up to a certain level of complexity. In various points of the production process these simple checks can ensure or even optimize the quality of the product. An assistance system makes use of these technical solutions and manages and monitors the distributed components and their responsibilities for quality assurance during the whole production process. In compliance with prescribed quality characteristics and the situational context necessary processing steps are defined or rearranged.