Enabling Data Collections for Open-Loop Applications in the Internet of Things

Alexander Kröner, Jens Haupert, Matthieu Deru, Simon Bergweiler, Christian Hauck

In: Alessandro Bogliolo (Hrsg.). International Journal on Advances in Internet Technology 7 1+2 Seiten 75-85 IARIA 2014.


Using label technology, a physical object may be employed to build a continuously growing data collection, which can, for instance, be exploited for product quality monitoring and supply chain management. Along the object's life-cycle, queries to such a collection may stay quite similar, e.g., "get unusual observations". However, expectations to a "good" answer may change, as with time different entities will come into contact with the object. This article reports on work in progress concerning a framework for collecting data about things, which aims at decoupling logic employed for interpreting such a collection from processing hardware and using the collection itself for transporting such logic. Main contributions include an approach to hardware-abstraction of processing logic at the object or remote, an app store for retrieving interpretation and presentation logic, and interaction forms with such memories.


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