Human Centered Assembly: a case study for an anthropocentric cyber-physical system

Bala-Constantin Zamfirescu, Bogdan-Constantin Pîrvu, Dominic Gorecky, Harish Kumar Chakravarthy

In: Procedia Technology. International Conference on System-integrated Intelligence (SysInt-2014) New Challenges for Product and Production Engineering July 2-4 Bremen Germany Elsevier 2014.


To engineer the factory of the future the paper argues for an anthropocentric cyber-physical reference model that assimilate in an integrated, dynamic, structural and functional way all the required components (i.e. physical, computational and human) of a synthetic hybrid system. This is due to the real need to design large-scale complex systems that accommodate the latest achievements in factory automation where the human is not merely playing a simple and clear role inside the control-loop, but is becoming a composite factor in a highly automated system ("man-in-the-mesh"). The concept is demonstrated by instantiating our anthropocentric cyber-physical reference model in a concrete case study, dealing with the cognition augmentation of the human operator in a manual assembly workstation.


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