Preliminary Insides for an Anthropocentric Cyber-physical Reference Architecture of the Smart Factory

Bala-Constantin Zamfirescu, Bogdan-Constantin Pîrvu, Jochen Schlick, Detlef Zühlke

In: Studies in Informatics and Control (SIC) 22 3 Seiten 269-278 ICI Publishing Departament Bucharest 9/2013.


The classical view of cyber-physical systems is that the integration of computing, communication and control elements are considering only the physical and computational elements, neglecting the human one. This paper presents a view on an anthropocentric cyber-physical reference architecture for smart factories (ACPA4SF), where the key characteristic of its reference model relies on is its unified integrality which can not be further decomposed into smaller engineering artefacts without loosing its functionality. The paper describes some preliminary insides in this research direction, namely the reference model of the ACPA4SF, its composite types and the enabling technological approaches.


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