Situation-Aware, User-Centric Multimodality for Automotive

Christian Müller

In: Automotive meets Electronics - Beiträge der 2. GMM-Fachtagung. GMM-Fachtagung: Automotive meets Electronics (AmE-2011) 2. May 4-5 Dortmund Germany Seiten 141-144 VDE Verlag 2011.


This article offers a brief overview of multimodal (speech, touch, gaze, etc.) input theory as it pertains to common in- vehicle tasks and devices. After a brief introduction, we walk through a sample multimodal interaction, detailing the steps involved and how information necessary to the interaction can be obtained by combining input modes in various ways. We also discuss how contemporary in-vehicle systems take advantage of multimodality (or fail to do so), and how the capabilities of such systems might be broadened in the future via clever multimodal input mechanisms.

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