Burgomaster and Pedro - A Pervasive Multi-Player Game for Rural Tourism

Michael Schmitz, Mohammad Mehdi Moniri

In: Games and Virtual Worlds for Serious Applications, Conference in Proceedings of the First International IEEE Conference in Serious Games and Virtual Worlds. IEEE Conference in Serious Games and Virtual Worlds (VS-Games-09) March 23-24 Coventry United Kingdom Seiten 205-208 IEEE Computer Society Los Alamitos, CA, USA 2009.


Pervasive Games have the potential to add new qualities to otherwise possibly tedious or uninspiring areas and let users interact with their environment in novel and enjoyable ways. The spreading of wireless communication infrastructures and low cost programmable mobile devices equipped with positioning systems and cameras span a large and growing open playground for pervasive gaming applications. In this work we describe the game Burgomaster and Pedro, the result of an interdisciplinary project for the state Ministry of Environment to promote development and tourism of rural areas. It is a multiplayer game that requires its players to explore villages in order to find real and virtual objects, which have to be delivered to given destinations. It also allows to hide from or seek other players, since objects that are being delivered can be stolen by competitors. GPS positioning, wireless communication and visual marker recognition are the key technologies in this game that is designed for playful engagement with rural environments.

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