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Business Model Innovation in digital Eco-systems: E-learning Industry Use-Case

Tobias Mahl; Sarah Rübel; Cai Hussung; Christian Köhler
In: Eduardo Acosta Llano; Iain Bitran; Leandro Bitetti; Steffen Conn; Alex Mitsis; Paavo Ritala; Marko Torkkeli; Jialei Yang (Hrsg.). International Society for Professional Innovation Management Conference Proceedings. ISPIM Connects (ISPIM-2023), December 11-13, Salzburg, Austria, ISPIM, 12/2023.


Digital (platform-based) ecosystems are the foundation of the most valuable companies in the economy worldwide. These ecosystems have shown they hold immense economic potential and can disrupt established industries. However, economic success is not their only added value. Through the interconnection of partners and customers, services and products can be improved, quality be increased, resources be pooled and innovations made possible. This requires appropriate business models. Therefore, this contribution explores the dynamics of business model innovation within digital platform-based ecosystems, focusing on a case study within the e-learning industry. It delves into the conceptualization and development of a platform-based digital ecosystem for continuing vocational training and education. The study addresses encountered challenges in the collaborative process of crafting a business model for a platform-based ecosystem and presents a concept for a novel digital platform-based ecosystem in the e-learning industry including its development process model.