Extending TBX2RDF

Thierry Declerck; Patricia Martín Chozas; Tom Winter; Tanja Wissik

In: Catherine Brun; Christophe Roche (Hrsg.). Actes de la conférence TOTh 2021. Terminology & Ontology: Theories and applications (TOTh), June 3-4, Chambéry,, France, Pages 123-136, Presses Universitaires Savoie Mont Blanc, 73011 CHAMBÉRY CEDEX, 12/2022.


Following the goal of transforming two multilingual terminologies to a native graph representation format, we propose an extension of an already existing initiative tackling this matter, named as TBX2RDF, which leads to the design of a new RDF-based modelling of traditional terminological data. The original multilingual terminological data handled in this work come from the terminology of the Deutsche Bahn AG and the Interactive Terminology for Europe (IATE).


TOTh_2021_-_06_T._Declerck_et_al.pdf (pdf, 1 MB )

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