Towards an RDF Representation of the Infrastructure consisting in using Wordnets as a conceptual Interlingua between multilingual Sign Language

Thierry Declerck; Thomas Troelsgård; Sussi Olsen

In: German Rigau; Francis Bond (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 12th Global Wordnet Conference. Global Wordnet Conference (GWC-2023), January 23-27, San Sebastian, Spain, Global WordNet Association, 1/2023.


We present ongoing work dealing with a Linked Data compliant representation of infrastructures using wordnets for connecting multilingual Sign Language data sets. We build for this on already existing RDF and OntoLex representations of Open Multilingual Wordnet (OMW) data sets and work done by the European EASIER research project on the use of the CSV files of OMW for linking glosses and basic semantic information associated with Sign Language data sets in two languages: German and Greek. In this context, we started the transformation into RDF of a Danish data set, which links Danish Sign Language data and the wordnet for Danish, DanNet. The final objective of our work is to include Sign Language data sets (and their conceptual cross-linking via wordnets) in the Linguistic Linked Open Data cloud.

SL_RDF_Ontolex_at_GWC2023.pdf (pdf, 1 MB )

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