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Development of a Clinical Decision Support System for Smart Algorithms in Emergency Medicine

Stefan Vogel; Andreas Reiswich; Zully Ritter; Michael Schmucker; Angela Fuchs; Kerstin Pischek-Koch; Stefanie Wache; Katrin Esslinger; Michael Dietrich; Tibor Kesztyüs; Dagmar Krefting; Martin Haag; Sabine Blaschke
In: J. Mantas (Hrsg.). Studies in health technology and informatics, Vol. 289, Pages 224-227, ISBN 978-1-64368-251-8, IOS Press BV, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1/2022.


The development of clinical decision support systems (CDSS) is complex and requires user-centered planning of assistive interventions. Especially in the setting of emergency care requiring time-critical decisions and interventions, it is important to adapt a CDSS to the needs of the user in terms of acceptance, usability and utility. In the so-called ENSURE project, a user-centered approach was applied to develop the CDSS intervention. In the context of this paper, we present a path to the first mockup development for a CDSS interface by addressing Campbell's Five Rights within the CDSS workflow.