Resource Allocation with Stability Constraints of an Edge-cloud controlled AGV

Shreya Tayade, Peter Rost, Andreas Maeder, Hans D Schotten (Hrsg.)

European Wireless (EW-2022) September 19-21 Dresden Germany VDE ITG 9/2022.


The paper proposes Resource Allocation (RA) schemes for a closed loop feedback control system by analysing the control-communication dependencies. We consider an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) that communicates with a controller located in an edge-cloud over a wireless fading channel. The control commands are transmitted to an AGV and the position state is feedback to the controller at every time-instant. A control stability based scheduling metric 'Probability of Instability' is evaluated for the resource allocation. The performance of stability based RA scheme is compared with the maximum SNR based RA scheme and control error first approach in an overloaded and non-overloaded scenario. The RA scheme with the stability constraints significantly reduces the resource utilization and is able to schedule more number of AGVs while maintaining its stability. Moreover, the proposed RA scheme is independent of control state and depends upon consecutive packet errors, the control parameters like sampling time and AGV velocity. Furthermore, we also analyse the impact of RA schemes on the AGV's stability and error performance, and evaluated the number of unstable AGVs.

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