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Exploring Visual Programming Concepts for Smart Textiles: The MYOW Experience

Patrick Stadler; Luisa von Radziewsky; Norbert Reithinger
In: 2021 7th International HCI and UX Conference in Indonesia (CHIuXiD). International HCI and UX Conference (CHIuXiD-2021), Pages 16-21, Vol. 1, IEEE, 2021.


Intelligent textiles are an interesting area at the intersection of design and technology. Entry hurdles for people like designers are currently high. We present a flow-based visual programming environment in the domain of smart textiles that addresses the aspect of programming. Embedded in a web-portal that involves the whole creation process of wearables, from sensor and actuator placement, sewing patterns to programming and crafting, this approach tries to simplify the abstract process of software development for end users coming from varying disciplines. They are not necessarily competent in this area. We explore the acceptance and capabilities of a visual programming environment by evaluating the complete system in a field test and at a university class for clothing technology. We present some preliminary findings and give first suggestions on how to improve certain aspects of the system architecture and the programming environment itself.


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