Mass Customizing for Circular and Sharing Economies: A Resource-based View on outside of the Box Scenarios

Paul Christoph Gembarski, Friedemann Kammler

In: Proceedings of the 10th World Mass-Customization & Personalization Conference. World Mass-Customization & Personalization Conference (MCPC-2021) November 1-2 Aalborg Denmark Springer 2021.


To link the two research fields of Sustainable Development and Mass Customization (MC), areas like enablers and impact factors, business models for sustainable MC and analyzing or nudging consumer purchase decisions are often themed. Robust process design as MC key competence allows a different view on this, putting process-oriented and resource-based approaches to the foreground. Since a resource-based view is also followed partly in the discussion about circular economy and the sharing economy, we would like to motivate new research at this intersection. We thus discuss the scenarios of MC for circular maintenance and a waste bin manufacturer who turns from MC supplier to a sharing economy supplier taking part in urban freight cycles. Following this we develop further related research questions.


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