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A ML-based Smart Retail Service Prototype using Biosignals

Nurten Öksüz-Köster; Hafiza Erum Manzoor; Amin Harig; Wolfgang Maaß
In: Workshop on Information Technology and Systems. Workshop on Information Technology and Systems (WITS-2020), December 16-18, Hyderabad/Virtual, India, WITS, 2020.


Due to the booming e-commerce, innovative smart services are needed to attract customers to the stores and enhance shopping experience to remain competitive. A smart service that has gained in importance in e-commerce and has found its way into stationary retail is the recommendation system. However, the shopping experience in stationary retail stores vary from the one in online shops. Previous approaches neglect the stress of customers during shopping process in stores in order to optimize the placement of product recommendations on mobile devices as well as enhance shopping experience in general. Focusing on two shopping scenarios in a laboratory retail store, we introduce the application of a situation-specific smart retail service prototype - a service system that reacts according to the perceived stress level of the customer during shopping.