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Developing and Orchestrating a Portfolio of Natural Legal Language Processing and Document Curation Services

Georg Rehm; Julian Moreno Schneider; Jorge Gracia; Artem Revenko; Victor Mireles; Maria Khvalchik; Ilan Kernerman; Andis Lagzdins; Marcis Pinnis; Artus Vasilevskis; Elena Leitner; Jan Milde; Pia Weißenhorn
In: NAACL. Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (HLT-NAACL-2019), June 2-7, Minneapolis, MN, USA, Online, 2019.


We present a portfolio of natural legal language processing and document curation services currently under development in a collaborative European project. First, we give an overview of the project and the different use cases, while, in the main part of the article, we focus upon the 13 different processing services that are being deployed in different prototype applications using a flexible and scalable microservices architecture. Their orchestration is operationalised using a content and document curation workflow manager.


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